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Monthly Archives: April 2018

  1. Superfood Spotlight: SORGHUM


    We’re obsessing over our new Probiotic Sorghum Cereals, and for good reason! Most cereals on the market right now are not only LACED with simple, refined and hidden sugars, but also contain gluten. Although gluten allergies are not as common as one would assume, gluten intolerances are actually quite prevalent and in general, wheat can be hard on the digestive tract. One of the biggest reasons why we decided to use Sorghum as the base for our new organic superfood cereals is because it is 100% gluten-free! Most people aren’t even sure what Sorghum is, so we’ve put together a Superfood Spotlight so that you could learn all about your newest, and soon to be favourite, ancient grain!

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  2. 5 Reasons to Eat MORE Fat!

    Fat is no longer the enemy!

    Have you heard the good news? Fat is BACK! For some people, it didn’t really go anywhere but for a lot of people, they’ve spent the last few decades running away from it. We’ve compiled a short list of ‘5 Reasons to Eat MORE Fat!’. Keep reading to find out why your body actually NEEDS fat to function but also why some fats are better than others!

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  3. Superfood Highlight: Ahiflower Oil

    Ahiflower Oil: 100% Plant Based, Sustainably Sourced & Better Than Flax!

    Omega-6’s and 3’s are essential fatty acids that contribute to a healthy diet. Doctors recommend they be consumed at a 1:1 ratio for optimal benefits, however, the standard Western diet see’s individuals consuming Omega-6’s and 3’s at an alarming 20:1 ratio!

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  4. Superfood Spotlight: TURMERIC

    SUPERFOOD SPOTLIGHT #2: all about TURMERIC powder!

    Our Superfood Spotlight is shining some light on Turmeric powder! Read all about Turmeric and the ways you can start incorporating it into your diet so you too can reap all of its amazing benefits.

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  5. What's a Bacillus?

    “Probiotics are bacteria that help your gut. But wait, isn’t bacteria bad?”

    When we hear the word bacteria, our automatic reaction is to think of a dirty doorknob in a public place. This is why when we hear people referring to probiotics as “good bacteria” it can be confusing.

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  6. Superfood Showdown

    Not all chocolate is created equal!

    Did anyone else just assume cacao was french for cocoa? The difference between cocoa and cacao comes down to a lot more than spelling. The nutritional benefits of cacao truly outweigh the sweeter taste of cocoa. See for yourself!

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