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Sleep is as essential to maintaining a healthy life as the foods we eat and the ways we treat our bodies. While we sleep, our bodies are given time to heal and repair the damage that may have occurred during the day. In order for our muscles to grow, we need to sleep. Healthy sleep and rest help to prevent fatigue, tiredness, irritability and even depression while also contributing to long term health and wellness. Many of our superfoods contain properties that promote relaxation, calmness and the ability to position your body for a great night’s sleep!

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Sleep & Relaxation

Organic Holy Basil (Tulsi) Tea Cut

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Organic Hibiscus Tea Cut

Teas & Instant Lattes

Organic Lemongrass Tea Cut

Teas & Instant Lattes

Organic Full Spectrum Holy Basil

Adaptogens, Herbs & Extracts