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10 Easy Ways To Make Everyday Earth Day

10 Easy Ways To Make Everyday Earth Day 0

The earth isn’t something we should wait to celebrate once or twice a year. It doesn’t begin and end on April 22nd 2021. Here are 10 easy ways and things for you to do to make everyday Earth Day!
Is Chlorophyll Worth The Hype?

Is Chlorophyll Worth The Hype? 0

Chlorophyll is the pigment responsible for giving plants their green colour. Not only does it do this, but it also plays an essential role in photosynthesis aka the process in which chlorophyll absorbs light and creates energy for plants. Thinking about hoping on the chlorophyll trend? Read this first!
The Surprising & Unique Health Benefits of Cranberries

The Surprising & Unique Health Benefits of Cranberries 0

What comes to mind when you think of cranberries? Do you hear someone suggesting you take down a gallon to try and cure your chronic UTI’s? Do your lips purse at the thought of them sneaking their way into your trail mix? Maybe you’re hearing Fleetwood Mac playing as you envision yourself coasting with a jug of cranberry juice in hand. If you’re already a fan of cranberries - perfect! If not - we’re here to convert you. Keep reading to find out why your newest superfruit obsession needs to be cranberries.
3 Ways Your Body Benefits From Stress

3 Ways Your Body Benefits From Stress 0

More often than not you’re hearing tips on how to avoid stress, ways to reduce stress and coping mechanisms for dealing with stress, but did you know that some stress can actually be good for you?

We’re definitely not advocating for you seeking out stressful situations that would result in chronic stress but rather, next time you’re faced with adversity, instead of suppressing the urge to fight and opting for flight, try facing it head on and even embracing the challenge – you’d be surprised what this can do for your body and mind.

Your Guide To Adaptogens

Your Guide To Adaptogens 0

Adaptogens might be new to you but in reality they are anything but. This class of herbs, plants and mushrooms have been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda to treat everything from chronic fatigue, stress and digestive issues to skin health, hormonal imbalances and so much more.
5 Reasons To Add Spirulina To Your Diet

5 Reasons To Add Spirulina To Your Diet 0

Spirulina is a blue-green freshwater microalgae that packs one heck of a nutritional punch. It’s often confused with chlorella, a cousin for lack of better terms, that is quite similar but has some notable differences. You can read all about chlorella here in our superfood spotlight! The health benefits of spirulina range from boosting your metabolism to heavy metal detoxification. Below we’ll discuss these benefits plus three other top reasons why you should be adding spirulina to your daily routine!