Q&A With Alexandra Mamalider, Director of Business Strategy at Organic Traditions
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Q&A With Alexandra Mamalider, Director of Business Strategy at Organic Traditions

by Vickie Chin on May 06, 2019

Alexandra Mamalider, the Director of Business Strategy here at Organic Traditions had the opportunity to sit down with Kaitlin Covel of Emax Health to shed some light on the world of all things health and wellness. 

"As you can see in this interview, Organic Traditions is an excellent example of a company who will continue to make a positive impact on organic food market growth and contribute to the industry for years to come."

- Kaitlin Covel

Check out the full interview below! 



About Organic Traditions

Organic Traditions began when founder and entrepreneur Jerry Zeifman began taking enzymes as a supplement to alleviate a digestive issue. His results inspired him to create a top superfood company with over 100 organic nutrition products. Today, Organic Traditions is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to introducing every nutritional cornerstone that serves as a foundation for a nutrient-dense superfood lifestyle.

Photo: Alexandra Mamalider, Director of Business Strategy at Organic Traditions with Jerry Zeifman, Founder of Organic Traditions


Organic Tradition’s products are certified organic, Kosher, raw, and 100% sprouted just to name a few of their impressive list of official certifications. I found their website very easy to navigate, and it was very convenient to locate specific products whether I was looking for products with high antioxidants, detoxification support products, digestion support products, sleep, and relaxation support products, or immunity support products just to give you an idea of the wide range of their products. As organic food market growth soars, Organic Traditions is a company I will definitely be purchasing from in the future.

Rapid Global Organic Food Market Growth Predicted

According to a new report from Zion Market Research, the global market for organic foods and beverages is expected to reach a value of $323.56 billion dollars USD by 2024. This organic food market growth indicates that consumers all across the globe are seeking to support organic product companies like Organic Traditions and reap the health benefits of organic products.



Interview with the Director of Business Strategy for Organic Traditions:

I had the distinct honor and privilege of conducting an interview with Alexandra Mamalider, Director of Business Strategy for Organic Traditions. Today she will provide us with a fascinating insight into her company’s world. As you will see in this interview, Organic Traditions is an excellent example of a company who will continue to make a positive impact on organic food market growth and contribute to the industry for years to come.

Kaitlin: What inspired you to found your company, Organic Traditions?

Alexandra Mamalider: My father Jerry was inspired to found Organic Traditions after many years of struggling with his own digestive health. At the age of 40, he decided to take his health into his own hands. From that point forward, he grew a strong passion for the healing power of plants, nutrient dense foods, and nutritional supplements. What was at first a personal passion later became a life-long career as he developed a mission to educate others and make superfoods more accessible to all.

Kaitlin: The list of certifications that your company has achieved is impressive. How do you sustainably source your ingredients?

Alexandra Mamalider: At Organic Traditions, we take great pride in offering the highest quality ingredients that are also sustainable. This starts with our supply chain. My father Jerry personally develops relationships with our suppliers around the world, often flying from India, to parts or Asia to the Baltic region in Europe to ensure that our suppliers meet stringent requirements. We also focus on working with suppliers that pass along positive benefits to their entire community. For example, our Indian herbs come from a coop in India that provides jobs to hundreds of families in the local community.

Kaitlin: What are your thoughts about the influence of nutrition on our world today?

Alexandra Mamalider: People are learning that nutrition is more than just a food guide or a trial diet that you follow for a few weeks or months. People are also beginning to understand that food is a key component to longevity and their quality of life, and that superfood nutrition is not just a trend but a lifestyle. I also believe that now more than ever people are turning toward their nutrition to see what changes can be made before exploring prescription medication or invasive procedures when possible.

Kaitlin: Could you please explain the difference between organic foods vs. non-organic foods?

Alexandra Mamalider: Organic foods are foods that are grown without pesticides. Organic foods are tested for pesticides during and after they are produced and organic suppliers and manufacturers like us are rigorously audited throughout the year to ensure that all our delicious superfoods are 100% pesticide free. At Organic Traditions, we are truly dedicated to providing best in class products for our customers, in addition to all testing done by suppliers we do two additional rounds of third-party testing to ensure our organic supply meets our expectations. Non-organic foods are grown with several harmful pesticides that can contribute to a build-up of toxicity in the body leading to possible disease, hormone imbalance and a host of other issues.

Kaitlin: How have healing traditions from all over the world influenced Organic Traditions as a company?

Alexandra Mamalider: Our superfoods come from Ayurveda, Jamu, Unami, Asian, African, South American and Western traditions. While many of us may just be discovering the benefits that these superfoods have to offer, ancient cultural traditions have prized the healing wisdom of these foods for centuries.

For example, Ayurveda is an Indian healing system and way of living that has existed for thousands of years. Jerry has spent a long time in India studying Ayurveda and its many benefits. This comes into play when we are developing our latest formulas or looking at what Ayurvedic herbs to bring to market. Currently, Organic Traditions carries over a dozen Ayurvedic herbs that have strong linkages and many health benefits. Another example would be our incorporation of cacao products from Peru which call on the ancient Mayan civilizations who used to praise pure cacao (chocolate) as a food of the gods.

At Organic Traditions, we are taking the very best that the world's healing traditions have to offer and incorporating them into easy ways for consumers to use in their daily lives.

Kaitlin: What is your vision for the future of Organic Traditions?

Alexandra Mamalider: At Organic Traditions, our mission is to make superfoods accessible to everyone. We believe that this is possible through continued innovation in how superfoods can be used for daily use as well as a continued effort in education. As a brand, we focus a lot of our time on education through our recipes, blogs, and community events. You may also see a retail pop up or wellness tour in our future!


In conclusion, Organic Traditions is a company whose ethical, environmental, nutritional, and educational achievements are impressive indeed. With organic food market growth surging, they are a company that will continue to make a positive difference in our world because eating organic will make you feel amazing! 

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